Auspicious time to do Holika Dhahan and worship


The Holika climbs with combustion, the Holi fun and flying on all sides, colors and gulals. It is very auspicious that the Holika combustion flames There is every worry in the fire of Holika. Suffering is destroyed and wishes get fulfilled. How to do Holika worship, how many incidents burn and how many orbits will be fulfilled, every grandson knows.

Auspicious time

The importance of colors is as important as the color of the Holi combustion, as well as the Holika combustion. It is believed that Holika worship and combustion from law and order do not seem to delay the end. Holi festival will be celebrated on March 2, 2018 and Holika combustion on March 1 this year. The auspicious evening of Holika Dahan Muhurta is from 06:16 hours to 08:47 hours (period – 2 hours and 30 minutes).

What is mythological recognition

According to legend, Hiranyakashyap, who considered himself a God, was a very proud king. At the same time, Prahlad, son of Hiranyakshyap, refused to worship his father and continued to worship Lord Vishnu in his place. Angered by this, Hiranyakashyap gave his son Prahlad many punishments, which he never affected. After this, Hiranyakashyap and his sister Holika together put together a plan that she would sit on the pyre with Prahalad. As soon as the fire burnt Prahlad, Holika became swav in that fire. This is the reason Holi festival is celebrated as a symbol of good victory over evil.

How to worship

Parikrama in Holika Puja and combustion is considered very important. Saying that if your wish is said or done, then it becomes true. The seven orbits of Holika are considered auspicious. Apart from the orbiting of the orbits, burning of angles in Holika Dahan is also of utmost importance. Tie seven apples in a rope and tilak it with white sandalwood and dedicate it seven times from the head and devote it to the Holika fire. Also, add two cloves of ghee, currap, havan content, paan leaves, and put them in the fire of all the holy hoki and worship them. Fry the wheat flour and take it home and divide it among the family members. After the Holika dahan, bow to the bowels and do not look behind the fire.

Holocaust combustion and worship can bring happiness, peace and prosperity to your home through auspicious time and appropriate worship method. Then, I give all the anxiety and trouble in the fire of this Holika symbolizing the victory of good over evil.