Is Theresa May’s big pledge to help the next generation built

Everything that’s wrong with Theresa May’s big promise to build more social housingNo new money AAA Replica Handbags Replica Handbags, no target, and no detail and two ministers left floundering. Is Theresa May’s big pledge to help the next generation built on sand?Labour PartyAngela Rayner unveils Labour’s three point plan to transform education and schoolsMrs Rayner confirmed Labour’s ambitious manifesto commitments have been fully costed and are ready to goGeneral electionTheresa May rules out giving 16 year olds the vote by insisting politics ‘isn’t just about elections’By coincidence, a recent poll found teenage Labour supporters outnumber teen Tories nearly two to oneSchoolsCash strapped school asks students to bring in Smarties tube full of money to pay for classroom resourcesOne school said: “A full Smarties tube can hold about 12 but you can return with as many 20p coins as you like”Eurovision Song Contest’You can keep your f gypsies’: Tory councillor suspended over offensive anti Ireland Eurovision tweetNick Harrington has been temporarily kicked off Warwick District Council after the expletive ridden comment stunned social media usersEmmanuel MacronEmmanuel Macron sworn in as French president at just 39 years old making him country’s youngest post war leaderAt a solemn ceremony heavy with tradition at the Elysee Palace and he pledged to work to heal divisions in society a nod to the bitter campaign he fought to defeat the far right Marine Le PenHarry StylesRemainer Harry Styles says he’ll choose “whoever is against ” in the general electionWhen asked about his political preferences in an interview the One Direction star said he would have to opt for whoever was against leaving the EUGeneral electionGeneral election candidates 2017: Full plain text list of people standing in all 650 seats including your areaHere’s every single candidate in plain text form. This list is very long so not suitable for mobiles, but we’ll be releasing a search tool at a later dateLeaked Labour manifesto in full: Read the draft document with Jeremy Corbyn’s radical plans for BritainRunning to nearly 50 pages, the document pledges to scrap tuition fees Replica Handbags, introduce more state ownership of energy and renationalise the railwaysJeremy CorbynHow Jeremy Corbyn’s team reacted when we revealed we had the manifestoOur poll shows the Labour leader is right to believe these policies are what the people wantGeneral electionEmily Thornberry insists Jeremy Corbyn has ‘been on a journey’ since branding Nato a ‘danger to world peace’The Shadow Foreign Secretary said “lots of politicians change their minds” when confronted with the Labour leader’s speech on live TVGeneral electionTheresa May can’t even give a straight answer about her favourite TV showThe PM took question dodging to a new Replica Bags, farcical level in a quickfire quiz about Broadcurch, wine and Sherlock.

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