Its non performing loan ratio fell to 12

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Replica Designer Handbags Picker Fake Designer Bags, in charge of splitting Hypo into good and bad parts as it is wound down at a cost to taxpayers of up to 4 billion euros, said he had fought to avoid writing down the unit, which it sees as its prime asset, in 2013 accounts.Auditors refused to go along with his argument that a markdown would undermine the price Hypo can get for the network of banks and leasing operations in Slovenia Replica Designer Handbags, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro that the EU has ordered to be sold by mid 2015.”The upshot is that we will certainly not get a price above book value,” Picker said, putting its book value at around 500 million euros, after write downs halved its worth.Rising risk provisions and write downs made Hypo’s 2013 group loss balloon to 1.86 billion euros.”There were more skeletons in the closet than we had thought,” Picker told a news conference, citing loan loss provisions that more than quadrupled to 1.36 billion euros and a “bad surprise” at its Italian business Replica Bags, which lost 238 million linked to an investigation by prosecutors of suspected fraud and to repayments to overcharged lease clients.Picker said binding offers were due soon. Financial and strategic suitors including some keen on the whole business were in the hunt, he said, but gave no names or numbers.Hiving off non performing assets into its own internal bad bank a process that is continuing reduced the Balkans unit’s total assets to 8.5 billion euros from 10.1 billion in 2012. Its non performing loan ratio fell to 12.3 percent from 15.0.The unit’s operating profit before risk provisions more than halved to 48.3 million euros in what it called tough markets that showed no signs of substantial improvement in 2014. Replica Designer Handbags

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